Eyecandy: Montauk Adventures

January 16th, 2012

My friends and I recently spent the weekend out in Montauk.  Funny, I never really understood the whole Hamptons scene before we started exploring out here.  My concept of it was that the super high brow society New Yorkers snuck out here to have snooty parties (I’m blaming Sex and the City for that concept.  Or Weekend at Bernie’s, ha!), but really I think that it is just simply SO BEAUTIFUL.  I’ll spare you the contrasting photos of all the ugly, dirty things I see in New York on a daily basis, but suffice it to say that there’s something really comforting about knowing that one quick train ride can bring you to something this beautiful.  Also, the beach here is surprisingly a pretty amazing place when it’s cold.  I like the contrast there.

One of my favorite things about living in this crazy city is that everyone you meet is here to pursue a dream, as cheesy as that may sound.  New York is not generally an easy place to live, nor is it considered easily affordable, so it makes sense that the friends I have made here are each talented in their own way.  In our little group we have writers, photographers (see below), graphic designers, art directors, singers, songwriters, chefs, and of course fashion kids.  It’s a diverse group of people with distinct style sense which led to some really fun photos.

Layers!  Harris tweeds!  Flannels, stripes, and cable knits!

Our secluded beachside bonfire was also a perfect chance to try out sky lanterns!

I have to say these lanterns were just as magical as you would imagine.  I would definitely recommend them for an outdoor or beachside reception.  I ordered ours here if you are on the hunt: skylanterns.us

Many thanks to Karen Kristian Photography and Nate Poekert for the photos.

Happily Yours,

Carol Hannah

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